Hire a Stone Veneer Contractor and See the Difference Stone Veneer Can Make

Ask any stone veneer contractor, and they will surely tell you that there are plenty of benefits you can get from stone veneers. If you have plans to get one installed in your home, it is best to know more about the stone veneers and what they have to offer.

What is a Stone Veneer?

The newest trend in interior design and decoration is using stone veneer for highlighting a specific area of a house. This is used for accentuating both the interior and exterior of a home. It is composed of artificially manufactured stone with a striking resemblance to natural stone. It is a bit hard to distinguish between manufactured stone and natural stone used for making veneer.

The stone is primary manufactured using Portland cement, lava rock, other kinds of lightweight materials, as well as color pigments which contain iron oxide. These materials are then put inside a latex mold subjected to vibration during the process of manufacturing, to form stones which look like their natural counterparts. Stone veneers can be used for highlighting the exterior, particular walls in rooms, windows, doors, fireplaces, and in-ground ponds. No matter where it is installed, veneers never fail to add a touch of natural beauty to every home décor.

Benefits of Stone Veneer

The primary advantage of stone veneer is that this is compatible with almost all types of wall surface materials which are currently used for constructing houses. Surface materials such as wood, metal, cement, gyprock, and brick can be decorated with ease using stone veneer with no issues on compatibility.

It is not a secret that natural stones tend to be heavy, which make it hard to transport and install them. On the other hand, stone veneer is remarkably less in weight and requires easier installation. For those who prefer to install veneer with no need to hire a professional, this is an ideal choice as this offers ease of handling.

The general cost of stone veneer is also lesser compared to natural stone. The heavy weight of natural stones is the reason behind their higher shipping costs. Aside from that, natural stones are also more expensive than the manufactured ones. Thus, a manufactured stone veneer is relatively a cheaper alternative to natural stones.

The stone veneer is found to be flexible, which makes it easier to install even on curved areas. A vacuum table and simple clamps can be used for installing it with no traces of difficulty. Obviously, this kind of flexibility is not something you can get from natural stones.

Cutting stone veneer is also comparatively easy than cutting natural stone so you can get the size and shape that you want. This is available in numerous sizes and shapes which can leave you with a lot of exciting options to choose from. You can ask your pool design contractor how you can add stone veneer to make your pool more beautiful. The veneer’s color can also be tailor-made based on the décor of the room. There are some veneers wherein no two stones are of similar texture and color, which makes them even more unique.


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