Can your job take a toll on your health?

Stress can hit any one and at any point of time. The work related stress is quite prevalent across the globe. So, if you are thinking whether the work pressure may take a toll on your health or not, the answer is ‘yes’. The adverse reaction that people, have when they are pressurized excessively, is stress. Although not being an illness, an excess of stress may cause physical and mental ailments. Well designed and managed workplace is great but when you give insufficient attention to your work, your tasks may pile up to offer work related stress. If you are unable to cope with the demands at the work place, you may feel stressed all the time. Such a situation may cause severe illness and is often associated with high level of errors, absentmindedness.

The various health problems caused due to stress

Your job stress can take a serious toll on your health. If the level of stress encountered is too severe, there can be following problems:

  • If you are the type ‘A’ personality, as per the researchers, you may suffer from a heart disease. Stress can increase the heart beat and enhance the risk of high blood pressure. The increase in the blood flow and the heart beat rate may directly cause triglycerides and cholesterol into the human blood stream. It also increases the likelihood for smoking and weight gain. People who are stressed consume more food, tea and coffee.
  • If you are already suffering from asthma, stress can further aggravate the situation. A person’s chronic stress may increase the risk of developing asthma.
  • Headache is the direct consequence of work related stress. When you are not able to finish things within the deadline, you feel stressed and tensed.
  • Chronic stress is directly connected to the increase in blood sugar level, causing Diabetes.

Can work related stress cause anxiety and depression?

When you fail to keep things organized at work place, you become stressed. Too much of stress is connected to depression and anxiety. You feel very inadequate. As per the recent survey, when the work is very demanding and the reward is few, there is 80% more chances of developing depression. If you are not satisfied with the job, depression may occur. Aging is the direct consequence of depression and anxiety. Examination pressure, peer pressure and the intense longing to get a suitable job may cause anxiety, finally leading to depression.

Statistics reveal that more and more premature deaths are taking place due to stress, resulting from work pressure. A great loss in business may cause heart fail and death. To avoid such occurrences, one must learn how to handle pressure at work place.

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