Can I Get Sunburned Through A Car Window

There is no denying that prolonged exposure to the sun can have harmful effects on your skin. But can you get sunburned through a car window? The answer may surprise you. Back in the day, people used to believe that it was possible to get sunburned through a car window but it actually depends on the type of windows installed in the vehicle, and having car window tinting reduces it. So, let’s discuss further and find out the whole story.

Can You Get Sun Damage Through Windows?

As mentioned previously, sunlight passing through car windows varies by the kind of glass the window has. Some vehicles come with windows that do not carry any protective features against the UV rays, whereas others are specifically designed to protect the passengers from the harmful effects of the sun.

There are two types of UV rays: UVA rays and UVB rays. The UVA rays have a longer wavelength. They are not severe but due to their wavelength, they can penetrate into the skin and cause skin tan. Plus, UVA rays are also known to cause aging and wrinkles as they break down collagen fibers in the skin. Experts are of the view that these rays can also cause skin cancer.

UVB rays when compared to UVA rays carry a shorter wavelength and penetrate only the skin’s superficial layers. Additionally, UVB rays are comparatively more harmful to the skin’s DNA and can cause sunburn as well. UVB rays upon contact with the skin trigger the body to produce vitamin D and carry a higher risk of causing skin cancer.

Can You Get A Tan Through A Car Window?

Yes, sun rays have the capability to pass through normal car windows and you can get a tan if your skin is exposed for longer periods. It is mostly the UVA rays that pass through the windows but since newer vehicles are coming out with sunlight protection, it is unlikely to get sunburned due to UVB protection.

Can You Get Sunburned Through A Car Window?

You must have come across some vehicles that come with factory-tinted windows. These windows help protect the passengers from the harmful rays of the sun. However, that is not the case with every vehicle out there. For instance, your car’s windshield is engineered not to shatter during an accident, preventing injuries caused due to broken glass pieces.

That said, some vehicles come with windshields that offer UV filtering. This means they are designed to stand against UVA and UVB rays, while the rest of the windows are only designed to protect against UVB rays. And since UVA rays cause more damage to the skin, your windshield will offer some protection but your skin will then again be exposed to the UVA rays once you become a passenger.

Therefore, you might think you are not being affected by the sun but that does not mean that you aren’t getting skin damage either.

How To Prevent The Skin From Being Damaged?

There are several ways of protecting your skin from being damaged. For instance, you can apply sunscreen on your body parts that are most often exposed to the sun such as your hands, face, palms, etc.

If that does not work out, you can get your windows tinted. Now, there are several types of window tints available out there such as dyed window tints and ceramic window tints. While dyed window tints are affordable but are not meant to last long.

On the other hand, ceramic window tints are a more expensive option but do a pretty good job of protecting you and your vehicle’s interior from direct sun exposure, while offering privacy as well. However, keep in mind that when it comes to tints, some states have stringent regulations due to legal reasons.

You cannot go too dark with the tints. Consult the local authorities and make sure you abide by the law. And if you suffer from a skin condition that requires protection from the sun, you can request a special permit that allows you to go dark.

Final Word

Concluding, getting sunburned through a car window is possible if there isn’t any protection. The best way to prevent it is by investing in a good sunscreen or getting the windows tinted from an auto tint shop Springfield. And, make sure that you opt for a certified source to keep yourself protected against the sun.

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