7 Things You Wish You Knew Before Buying House

Buying a house for the first time or the 10th time can be overwhelming, but make sure to hire a realtor or a buyer’s agent at hand with you.

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When you decide to buy a house for yourself, you have many expectations and requirements in your mind which when cannot be fulfilled lead to sadness and you might then reconsider your decision. But, when you have bought the house then there can be no turning back, so here are a few tips which all buyers must know before buying a house.

  1. Keep Your Heart at Home When You Go Out to Buy a House

When you go out to buy a house, you fall in love with every house just because it is in such a good shape and is well kept, or it is situated in a lovely neighborhood, or it has a backyard and a porch. Do not make your decision at just one house and don’t seem too keen on buying a house or get really impressed by it. When the seller will see your reaction, he can instantly raise the price just because you liked the house so much and then even your realtor won’t be able to bargain. See the house with your mind and think logically and weigh the pros and cons of the house and then decide.

  1. Visit Ample Houses and Then Decide

Do not tire out by looking at just 2 to 3 houses and decide. Be patient and look at many houses as the buyer’s agent will show, list down the price and advantages and disadvantages of all the houses, compare and then decide on the best one and then proceed.

  1. Don’t Fall for the Professional Pictures and Aesthetic Appeal

Do not decide on the house by just looking at the pictures. Professional pictures are taken to attract the buyers and staging of the house is also done on purpose to make the house more presentable to the buyers. Make sure to visit the house and check it completely in and out, looking at everything closely. Make sure to ask all the questions regarding the house, about the fixtures and paint and other works that need to be done such as plumbing and electric work.

  1. Calculate the Costs

Ask your realtor about the total costs that you will need to spend on the house if you buy it. Calculate the costs along with the price and then check the total costs. You can even talk it out with the seller to decrease the cost of the additional costs are a lot or you can ask them to pay for it or get them done for you as a fair deal.

  1. Check the Resale Value

A house bought at a bargain may sound good initially that you saved money but do consider that whether the house has a resale value or not. Some houses are situated in certain localities or are constructed in such a way that there is no resale value later on. If you decide to sell the house again after a few years and you get a price that is even lower than what you paid will be a loss for you. so always buy a house that will have a higher resale value in the future. You can also get the resale value assessed from different real estate agents.

  1. Ask As Many Questions As You Want

You are buying a house and making a huge investment and it is a huge decision so ask as many questions as you like concerning the house and inspect every nook and corner of the house.

  1. A Shabby House with a Low Price is Not Always a Good Deal

You might be very excited that you got a house at a very low price because of its bad condition but it is not always a good idea as the costs for the repair and fixtures afterward might exceed the overall price of the house in a good condition, so it will then be considered a bad deal. Ask your buyers agent to list the total amount of cost of repairs needed and then proceed towards buying.

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