5 points to consider when buying contemporary oriental rugs

Contemporary oriental rugs are the carpets that are more than hundred years old. This rule of antique rug being hundred years is supported by authorities and scholars. The handmade knotted rugs are real masterpieces but you need to be careful while making the purchases. Sellers and dealers overstate the time period just to increase the sales. You need to consider certain factors while making the purchase.

Consider the extent of artistry

You need to determine the extent of artistry of the rug by carefully considering fluidity and movement of rug design and its antiquity. It needs to have a sense of visual depth. Contrast, design element, the outlining, the shading, etc, must be in perfect proportion. Its composition must be unified.

The extent of its beauty

The Oriental rug must appear balanced and there must be a harmony between the different motifs. All the colors must be appealing and harmonious. The appeal needs to be universal and it should have staying power. The person who looks at the rug must be intrigued by it.

The age of the carpet

Contemporary Oriental rug is an antique piece that should have been woven much prior to the Commercial era. They are desirable due to their originality, purity and the use of natural dyes and colors. It employs the exotic hues that cannot be found in the rugs of later ages.

The condition of the rug as per the age

If the rug belongs to much earlier period, wear or restoration is permissible. How well the restoration work is done determines the value of the rug. If you see that the rug was washed with chemicals and is reduced in size or has faded colors, you must not buy it.

How unique and different the dyes and color are?

Natural dyes add to the look and appeal of the rug. If the shades are used perfectly, the carpet will appear more beautiful and amazing. A lot depends on the skills of the dyers and how far they blend the shades to create something unique. When you choose a carpet, what matters is how well the color is used and how far is it radiant.

When you buy wholesale Oriental rugs virginia to save money, consider the uniqueness of the piece. The originality of the rug impacts its desirability among the connoisseurs. As long as it is beautiful and appealing, it is worth the value for money. It will have arranged motifs that will be uniquely drawn and stay in balanced fashion.

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