NewsWhat are the major basins where hurricane occurs?

What are the major basins where hurricane occurs?


Hurricane is nothing but a tropical cyclone which is generally formed within 7 distinct basins around the world. Some of these basins are quite active while others are not. Within monsoon trough, this cyclone creates a lot of trouble to these basins as it stays for longer period.

In general, warm-water basins are the major sources for the creation of these kinds of cyclones especially seas or oceans. One of the major reasons behind this is that abundant quantity of warm-water based heat. It usually occurs several miles away from equators.

Where this cyclone does occurs?

  • North Atlantic Ocean: This is the basin where cyclone has got stronger affects especially in between June-November. After that, the storm moves towards other basins like Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. Locations that are affected by the same are Central America, Bermuda, eastern Canada, Caribbean and others.
  • Southwest Pacific ocean: Only eastern part of Australia gets affected by the cyclone over the basin in between 15 October toil may 1.
  • Southwest Indian Ocean: Southeastern Africa and Madagascar are the two places that are usually affected by the storm over this basin during mid of October till mid of May.
  • Southeast Indian Ocean: In this case, Western and Northern Australia are being affected especially in between October 15 till May 1. During mid of January, this particular basis faces the maximum blow from this cyclone.
  • Arabian Sea or Bay of Bengal: April 1 till December 30 is the ideal timing for the occurrence of this cyclone in this place. During monsoons, the effect of the cyclone increases to a greater extent.
  • Northwest Pacific ocean: from July till November, the storm goes on a continuous basis affecting Guam, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan and China.
  • Northeast Pacific ocean: May 15 till November 30 is the tenure when the cyclone stays in this place. Southern Baja and Western Mexico are usually being affected by the cyclone and sometimes Hawaii also gets affected.

What are the main seasons?

Hurricane mainly starts from Northern Atlantic Ocean especially in between June 1-November 30 but not of course on a frequent basis. Northern Atlantic Ocean mainly covers Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. This cyclone stays for longer durations at eastern side of North Pacific Ocean and the tenure is in between May 15- November 30. In general, this cyclone remains powerful during September while it is quite weaker during May.

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