Beauty and FashionSelecting Sunglasses According to Your Face Shape

Selecting Sunglasses According to Your Face Shape


A wide range of fashionable sunglasses are flooding in the market to complete the desired gorgeous look of every fashion conscious lady out there. Sunglasses have become a lot more than just an eyewear; they have now become a fashion symbol. The fashion industry has left no stone unturned to give sunglasses a status of fashionable accessory that is as essential as footwear.

How to select sunglasses

There are different types of sunglasses available in market. One can select the type of sunglasses that would best suit their face and style. With every face type there is a category of sunglasses that would better suit to that particular face type. Here we have highlighted some of the right shape of sunglasses that would suit your face.

Round Face

Round face has prominent soft features. They have natural curves that just give soft features to your face. The glass type that would better suit round face is rectangular geometric type and sharp cat eyes. The soft features of your face would get additional sharp features with these types of glasses and it would enhance your looks.

Square Face

Just opposite to the facial features of round face, the square face people have naturally sharp features because of the face shape. If there is an addition of round frame glasses on these faces, then it will surely create more defining looks. Round frames would balance out sharp and soft features of your face.The styles that would work out best for this face shape is butterfly, cat eye and aviators.

Oval Face

You must be lucky if you have oval face. We are not being superstitious here; we mean oval face girls have an advantage to wear any sunglass type as they like. Almost each and every type of sunglasses would suit you so you get an advantage of wide selection. So, indeed you must be the lucky one. Type that works for oval face are rectangular, circular, round and oversized.

There are various branded and non-branded options of sunglasses for women Las Vegas. You can simply try out the frame that you like the most or you can select the type of sunglass that is advisable for your face shape. Sunglasses will glamorize your look as well as protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays and pollution. Sunglasses are an evergreen trend of fashion so you should try them out to enhance your facial features with it.

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