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Selecting Right Color for Your Window Shutters


Finalizing colors and styles of window shutters is a time consuming process. If you do not have any plan how to begin with the process you may end up in getting more confused about it. It is necessary that you keep a certain tips and key ideas in mind while selecting colors for window shutter and make your process easy and effortless.

We have compiled a few tips for color selection of window shutter to help you out in the process.

In Sync with Exteriors of Your Home

For selecting any color of your window shutter, you would first need to consider colors and style of exterior of your home. If your home style is traditional you should select basic classic colors like black and white and similar tones of it. And if your home style is modern and there are different bright color pallets used for exteriors you can go for bright shades. You should keep in mind the exterior colors of your home and stay within the color range of it. You do not want your widows to stand out after all. You can take pictures of exteriors if required, in different lights and can select similar tones from paint shop.

Complementing Exterior Colors

Color of your window shutter has to complement your home. It would give a beautiful look to the home. You can go for light shades if your home exterior color is dark. And you can select dark shades if your home exterior color is light. You can select similar tones from the color shade in dark or light or you can opt for different color range if your exterior home colors are bright and bold. Apart from black and white color for shutters which are classic and can mix well with any type of exterior home color.

Taking Paint Samples

It is very important that you do not forget the exact tone or shade of your exterior home. If you tend to forget then you can take along a picture of the exterior and select a shade that is close to the shade in the pictures and take reference from the picture as and when required. This would make your task easy and accurate.

It is also important that your window’s indoor shutters styles and colors match well with the interior of the home.  If you do not balance your home’s interior and exterior colors as well while selecting shutter color it would look odd. Also you can take a look around the neighborhood houses and select a color that is in sync with them if you are planning to resale your home.

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