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Seasonal Allergies: A common problem today


The seasonal allergy generally caused by pollen, mold, dust mites and various other allergens. These allergens affect more than 40 million Americans and cost over $1 billion in yearly treatment costs.

Manifestations of Seasonal Allergies

Though, this is not an unsafe condition, but this condition can be extremely uncomfortable that can severely interrupt our regular activities. The common reaction of seasonal allergies is sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, swollen sinuses, headache, and runny nose.

Causes of Seasonal Allergies

Airborne pollen from different trees, plants and also spores created by mold in to the body of the tree may affect our nose, eyes, and throat and also trigger any allergic reaction. People having healthy body, does not responds to any mild substances such as mold, pollen.

But a sensitive person can be genetically susceptible. Your body cannot fight against these infectious allergens and get affected by the triggers.

The numbers of seasonal allergy sufferers is growing every year. But the question is that why? There are some effective reasons which have found in our surrounding environment that can increase the risk of seasonal allergy. These include, increase environmental pollution, deficiency of vitamin D, toxic home environment and various other life related factors such as poor nutrition, stress, obesity, overuse of antibiotics and no physical activity.

Why an allergist is one of the best options

If you have affected by serious allergic reaction, you have to visit an allergist which is one of the convenient option. Actually allergist has proper access to all necessary equipment as well as tests that are required for determining by which allergy you are affected. This specialist also has proper training and learning on which they invest several years and money.

So visit a specialist, you will surely get a better chance to diagnosis your problem perfectly. If you are diagnosed perfectly, your treatment procedure can be start quickly as well as perfectly. Then the allergist will suggest taking certain medications which is not over the counter medicine. Of course you will be able to stay away from the symptoms that cause your allergies.


Over the counter medicine is effective for certain type of allergies like seasonal cold allergy. But this is not possible for the allergy created by pollen to or any other allergens which are commonly found in the air during certain month or seasons. So, you need to take the proper allergy medications, so finding reliable allergist near me is extremely important who can let you know which one is best.

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