Beauty and FashionHow Can You Tell Fake One From Real Designer Fashionable sunglasses?

How Can You Tell Fake One From Real Designer Fashionable sunglasses?


Fashionable sunglasses from brands such as Prada, Ray Ban, Chanel or Gucci are highly popular, and are loved by men and women who want to step out in stylish eyewear. These designer glasses are for the glamorous and fashionable people, although there are many replicas or fake products that are cheap knockoffs of the actual sunglasses. You have to be aware how to spot the fake ones from the real branded offerings. Here are some easy tips for you to tell fake ones apart from actual designer sunglasses.

Check the sunglasses model number and brand logo

Most of the biggest sunglasses models come embossed with the brand logo on the sides. You should carefully check whether there are any differences in the logo, such as differences in letter sizes or font or misspellings. Each model also comes with a unique number and you need to note it down in order to compare it with the pair that you have chosen.

Compare the photos

You should also compare the pictures of the sunglasses that you are planning to buy to the snaps of the original model on the website of the brand. This is an excellent way to judge whether the item is an authentic one. You should avoid purchasing sunglasses that have even a shade lighter in terms of color. Such types of glasses are sure to be fake ones.

Consider the artisanship

You can find actual branded sunglasses being made of high quality materials such as polycarbonates, memory metals and high quality plastics. The use of these materials makes them sturdy, strong and highly comfortable while the replicas have a flimsy and cheap feel to them, and you cannot be convinced by their construction quality.

Check the seller

You can only find designer sunglasses in official brand shops or high-end boutique stores. Buying them online will help you to save expenses, although you should be aware that some of the websites that offer as huge discounts as 60% on the purchase of every sunglass are sure to be fake ones. They can give such discounts on sunglasses that are replicas, as selling costly glasses at such low prices will not yield profits to any retailer.

Look for certificates and original casing          

Prior to any purchase, you should always ask about the details of the packaging of the item. Branded designer sunglasses from reputed sunglasses store Primm nv always come with certificate of authenticity and original casing.

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