Food and DrinkEat Healthy and Live Fit with Organic Food

Eat Healthy and Live Fit with Organic Food


Organic food is famous today due to their health advantages. As such foods are grown without modifications in protected soil; they are safe, nutritious and sustainable options over their conventional counters. Growing such crops does not permit the use of bioengineered genes, sewage sludge-based fertilisers, synthetic pesticides, and petroleum-based fertilisers. Any use of growth hormones, animal and antibiotics by-products in raising them is discouraged.

Advantages of organically grown foods

They provide advantages in a number of ways. They are full with beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants. Also people who are allergic to chemicals, preservatives and foods, may find their symptoms decrease or go away with the adoption of organic food in their regular life. Organic items have lesser pesticides like fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides as they may remain in the conventional produce in the type of residues.

Free of genetically modified organisms

Organically generated food is fresher as it is devoid of preservations. Further, it is free from genetically engineered produce or genetically modified organisms. Such plants or animals have their DNA altered in ways which happen in traditional crossbreeding. GMOs are engineered generally to make the food generate resistant to herbicides. It is perfect for atmosphere as organic farming practices reduce pollution and tend to conserve water, improve soil fertility, use less power and decrease soil erosion.

Organic cattle farming must be adopted

Organic milk and beef comes from the cattle feeding on grass which is different from the conventional animals who feed on grains. Both meat and milk are top in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids with around fifty percent higher levels than their conventionally raised editions.

Go natural, be biologically diverse

The remarkable thing about the organically grown items is that they depend upon biological diversity instead of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. They have natural fertilizers like manure and compost. While carrying out farming such as weeds, products are naturally controlled through hand tilling, weeding, crop rotation and mulching. Insects are controlled through natural techniques, such as good insects, birds and traps.

Reject produce with high pesticide content

Farmers who support such practices are fully against weed control through chemical herbicides, use of pesticides, insecticides or synthetic fertilisers. It is to be paid focus that organic labels especially matter in certain produce like kale, strawberries, peaches, tomatoes, grapes, potatoes, celery, cucumbers, and sweet bell peppers. This is because they are known to have the top levels of pesticides on average when actually grown, making them top to be bought organic.

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