Home ImprovementsDoing away with the persistent clogs and drain problems with sewer and drain cleaning

Doing away with the persistent clogs and drain problems with sewer and drain cleaning


Restaurant grease trap cleaning is a must to take up since restaurant kitchen generates the maximum amount of grease, leading to drain clogs and blockages. Right from cooking steaks to grilling the delicious burgers, deep frying veggies in the oil, each and every chef has to struggle with the grease trap on a regular basis. After years of scraping and spraying or rinsing, a restaurant owner forgets how important it is to maintain the drain and sewer lines for the overall success of the restaurant. Grease trap cleaning has a great number of uses. On the other hand, if the problem of drain clogging and blockage is recurrent, you can summon a professional to conduct a video pipe inspection to trace where actually the issue is.

What is the importance of video inspection?

When it gets difficult to track the exact spot where the blockage is, video inspection is needed. If the blockage is left like that, it will pile up your plumbing bills and also cause damage to the property. Most of the drain and rooter services use the video inspection tool. The remote camera can suitably inspect the pipe from inside and also transmit the image to the camera operator. The professional plumber can use the image to detect the extent of accumulation and adopt suitable tools to clear it out. The inspection can be conducted on restaurant piping, drainage and in fact the entire plumbing system. This is done to detect the exact tools needed for the plumbing restoration. Hard water mineral, oil and grease leads to the accumulation of residue which obstructs the flow of water. Tree roots and other forms of obstructions can be remedied with the aid of a professional. The use of the video inspection tool is interesting and fun.

Why you need grease trap cleaning?

At the core, the trap catches oil residue and grease. Since oil and fats are inconsistent, they do not drain properly. It is essential to clean the grease traps as the water fails to pass through the kitchen drains. If you ignore the problem, the content may enter the sewage system, causing the clogging of septic tank and the disposal systems. It is crucial to get in touch with a professional to eliminate the problem.

Drain pipe inspection with camera is the easiest way to locate the main problem you have in the drainage system. Here the remote camera system is used and the lamp is attached with the flexible cable that is 2-3 feet in size. Waterproof setup with the long cable is used if the problem is severe.

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