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Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery – Sharing Some Facts


Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is a surgical procedure to examine and treat injuries to the interior part of shoulder joint. Arthroscopic surgery could be performed on joints of knees, shoulders, wrist, elbow, and ankles. Dislocation of shoulder joints could be best treated through this type of surgical treatment. With shorter recovery time, it would provide much relief from the pain and swelling.

Defining Arthroscope

Arthroscope is basically a type of device or instrument used by the orthopedic surgeons to have a clear look at the joints. The size of the instrument is around 8-10 inches. It has a thickness similar to that of the pencil. It comes with a certain fiber optic lens system that allows light to transmit for highlighting the image of the joint into a medical television display device. It basically serves as a type of camera that could display images of the joint interior region. Using this device, it becomes possible to diagnose those kinds of pathological conditions that would not appear through MRI scans and X-Ray machines.

When is arthroscopy required?

This surgical treatment procedure has been deemed highly useful for the following situations:

  • Complete or partial tearing of rotator cuffs
  • Recurrent dislocations
  • Adhesive capsulitis and frozen shoulder
  • Deposition of Calcium
  • Loose bodies
  • Osteoarthritis

Benefits of the treatment

Although a surgical procedure, this treatment does not involve bigger invasive methods. There are no large incisions to get conducted. Also, pain post operation would be minimal. Due to non-removal of tissues and muscles from origins on bone, the total inflammation amount would be minimal. There would be faster recovery period guaranteed since it would not be crucial for the muscles for healing. This is a type of microsurgery that assures satisfying results and fast relief from pain. There would never be any kind of mental scars. It would take minimal time to return to the regular life activities after the surgery. The disposable arthroscopic instruments are quite expensive but it would never make an impact in context to the patient satisfaction that is achieved after the surgery.

Perfect cure to rotator cuff diseases

Rotator cuff diseases, impingement, or instability as a result of outgrowth of bony structure from the acromioclavicular joint or clavicle could be cured through arthroscopy. The extended bone structure could be easily trimmed down. Chances of infections could be easily drained. Frozen shoulders could be easily released through this microsurgical process. Recalcitrant calcium deposits could also be handled perfectly by an experienced arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery doctor.

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