News2016 presidential polls – The Change of Governance

2016 presidential polls – The Change of Governance


The announcement for 2016 presidential polls in the US has already been made. Just in any other democratic nation, in the US too, presidential polls are always the high time for the candidates to win over there competitors and to come into the power, and hold the oval office for a minimum of 5 years tenure. The mechanism of latest presidential polls functions as well as operates like in the 17th century.

During election time, each party has the constitutional right for campaigning. The campaigner has to stop its campaigning just before one day to election. Each country has its own kind of elections. US is a completely 180 degrees flip when it comes to her election policy. In US, people select numbers of members first and then that members votes for the president.

Who all are in the political fray for the 2016 Presidential Polls?

Here are the contestants, of the US presidential polls, and one of them is going to make to the oval office this year:

  • Hillary Clinton the senate from the New York. She also served as secretary to President Barack Obama’s from 2009 to 2013;
  • Ted Cruz, a former Texas solicitor general;
  • John Kasich, the Ohio governor;
  • Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is an avowed socialist;
  • Donald J. Trump, the New York based real-estate and casino developer, besides the star on TV reality show.

What is the Latest on the US Presidential Polls?

The marathon for oval office has already begun with the announcement of US Presidential polls. But the question that hovers in the minds of an average US citizen, who is going to make it? The New York exit polls definitely had some story, making it a bit of dramatic. The democrats are backing former New York Sen. Hillary Clinton against her competitor from the same political party named Brooklyn-born Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump, however, comes out to be a strong contestant, and is strongly conservative as far as domestic issues are concerned. He is also strongly conservative in his opinions related to domestic issues. It is true that Donald Trump is a conservative billionaire standing out for the oval office, but he is an honest businessman, who understands the bad effects of illegal immigration, and how it is affecting the US.

Who’s going to win, and who’s going to lose?

Well the latest presidential polls are still to go, it is only the hop and permutations and combinations that will make the political scene in the US quite hyperactive and vibrant. Who is going to be the commander-in-chief of the world’s most powerful democratically elected government?

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